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We set out to create the best tasting, fresh fruit teas in the world. $ 24.99-40% . Our business is growing! Locations . cottoncravings. Spinn Candy specializes in unique and different flavors of cotton candy, like white champagne. These strands can be than be … Well this occurs by heating sugar until it turns into a liquid then spinning it at approximately 3000 revolutions per minute. Look for " Frida " the Seattle Candy Company Flamingo on the water! We use organic cane sugar that is grown without toxic chemicals as our base. Flavors. To use the custom cotton candy flavors, just pour into your cotton candy machine, just like you would with the commercial stuff. Products are not stored pre-made. A perfect mix of your favorite tropical fruits and sunshine to brighten your day. We offer bulk pricing and fast turnaround. Customer Service: (714) 744-3700 Bulk pricing, … Dallas-Fort Worth , TX. Free shipping! This post was originally published on January 30, 2020. Have a wedding, grand opening, corporate event or something else coming up? Flavors include pina colada, peanut butter and jelly, cinnamon bun, strawberry shortcake and a decadent salty peanut butter. What sets our specialty cotton candy apart from the others is our dazzling array of flavors options from Classic Pink Vanilla to Spicy Jalapeño and everything in between. Our Services. We carefully select the best black tea to freshly brew along with natural real fruit juices. Light, airy perfection – it’s hand-spun cotton candy. The shelf life of our cotton candy is 4 weeks. Pickle Gourmet Flavored Cotton Candy – Unique Idea for Holidays, Birthdays, Gag Gifts, Party Favors. Additional $5 fee per extra flavors(1st choose your extra flavor 2nd go to Extra Fees & click Extra Flavors). Hand-twirled in a variety of unique flavors. Check out our cotton candy flavors selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our candy shops. Jan 3, 2019 - Explore Lily jean's board "Cotton candy flavoring", followed by 229 people on Pinterest. Caramel cotton candy sprinkled with Himalayan sea salt; the perfect sweet and savory combination. 3200 … Tangy orange mixed with creamy vanilla. UNIQUE FLAVORS Your personal brand with high quality cotton candy. Our cutting-edge flavors are found nowhere else in the world and made entirely out of organic and all natural ingredients. The top 10 flavors are : We have 31 flavors currently and the results are in. There is now a Spicy Jalapeño Cotton Candy that will not only melt in your mouth, but it will also melt your mouth! As a kid, the treat I looked forward to the most was cotton candy - I loved how it melted in my mouth. Odditymall features unique gifts with a focus on geeky gadgets, survival gear, outdoor gizmos, unique kitchenware, pet gadgets, novelty gifts, and amazing product designs. You will scream for this Tangerine Cream. Minimum order 5 packages per flavor. One of every flavor we carry (including our current three seasonal flavors) totaling 17 flavors. Our teas have NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and … More. This is one of many flavors offered by Chocolate Storybook, a company that has … SHOP FLAVORED SUGAR MIXES! Girls Who Twirl Cotton Candy is a gourmet cotton candy cart service specializing in parties & events. Cotton Cravings:The world’s most amazing cotton candy. Nicotine … Enter your email to get the newest items sent to your inbox once a week! See more ideas about Cotton candy flavoring, Flavors, Vape juice. What sets our specialty cotton candy apart from the others is our dazzling array of flavors options from Classic Pink Vanilla to Spicy Jalapeño and everything in between. WATCH: Dill Pickle Cotton Candy Is, Indeed, a BIG DILL We guarantee freshness and can make any color and flavor plus print and affix custom labels. Check Price on Amazon . We make many of the flavors ourselves using the best ingredients. These sugary clouds of fun are a Chocolate Storybook house specialty. Though how exactly is this whimsical confection made? Contact. 1200 Alki Blvd. Private labeling is one of our favorite things to do for a customer. Organic Melted Caramel Flavored Gourmet Cotton Candy by Fluffli $ 6.50. Details. Black Licorice Flavored Gourmet Cotton Candy by Fluffli $ 6.50. Cinnamon Heart Flavored Gourmet Cotton Candy by Fluffli $ 6.50. Our Classic Cones, Signature Flavours, and ever-changing Seasonal Flavours have been thoughtfully selected by our talented tasting team and can be customized (if you don’t see one below that you’d like to try!). Natural and Organic Ingredients. A couple bites in and you will almost be able to feel a frosted mug in your…. We have 31 flavors currently and the results are in. What We Liked: One tub of CHOCOLATE STORYBOOK Pickle Cotton Candy has only 140 calories, making it a great guilt-free snack. No artificial flavors or dyes, ever. click here to start dream sequence! It’s made fresh to order on our special machines. When spun, cotton candy is white because it is made from sugar, but adding dye or coloring transforms the color. These sugary clouds of fun are a Chocolate Storybook house specialty. Our … Issenmann said the gourmet fluff has the same "dissolve-as-soon-as-you-pop-it-in-your-mouth" texture that classic cotton candy has. We enjoy offering you a unique innovative modern twist on Cotton Candy we all know and love! Spinn Candy specializes in producing custom prepackaged cotton candy for private label commercial retail businesses, brand promotions and private and corporate events. Most of our flavors are made in house from start to finish using the best ingredients, so you won't be able to find anything like them anywhere else. You can find other unique flavored cotton candies below - why not try them all! During March, our cotton candy sales skyrocketed across the country as we added 50 new retailers. Creamy, elegant, smooth and rich with a delightful twist. 2020 Valentine’s. Have a wedding, grand opening, corporate event or something else coming up? Give yourself a gift and try a new, Cotton Candy e-liquid today.-WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Home FAQS Rentals Contact Gallery Home FAQS Rentals Contact Gallery Search Cotton Candy Flavors SKU: $0.00. Organic, vegan products with biodegradable packaging! 1 week. @cottoncravings is an Atlanta based all natural Cotton Candy company. Edible glitter edible stars cotton candy tacos cotton candy burritos & more! UNIQUE FAMILY EVENTS. The #1 GOAL of the company is QUALITY & CUSTOMER ENJOYMENT! Party Favor or Drink Toppers. 2020 Drink Toppers. We are proud of our … These flavors are for that someone special or to top your favorite … REPEAT SALES Stand out from your competitors. Add flavor to your upcoming parties and events! … Prime Price: $ 13.80-WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Light, airy perfection – it’s hand-spun cotton candy. Petite Puf offers a unique spin on organic cotton candy! All orders are made as they come in so the product is as fresh as possible! Nougat; Orange Candy; Peach Candy; Peanut Butter Candy; Peppermint Candy; Pickle Candy; Pineapple Candy; Raisin Candy; Raspberry Candy; Red Licorice; Root Beer Flavored Candy; Sour Candy; Spearmint Candy; Strawberry Candy; Toffee Candy; Tropical Fruit Candy; Unusual … As thousands … Our Unique Cotton Candy Flavors All flavors can be ordered online as 1.9oz containers for $6 each. UNIQUE FLAVORS Your personal brand with high quality cotton … The container the sugar is melted in contains holes and by spinning the sugar long strands are able to be formed. Wild Blueberry Flavored Gourmet Cotton Candy by Fluffli $ 6.50. Jul 14, 2019 - Explore caleb cody's board "Cotton candy flavoring" on Pinterest. […] So cheers to good times and…, Ahhh, the classic vanilla and root beer combination. Cotton Candy Machine Review: For years I've used an … We also offer catering and event services! Home . Cotton Candy; Dark Chocolate; Doughnut; Grape Candy; Honey Candy; Hot & Spicy Candy; Lemon Candy; Malted Milk Balls and more! Add some sugar to your next event! If you are choosing for a package choose the amount of flavors the package says. The best thing about our cotton candy is that we offer a range of over 15 irresistible exotic flavours that will surely tingle your taste buds. Natures Flavors; Naturlax; Seelect Tea; Yummatcha For All Things Natural™ Family owned and run for over 40 years. Facebook ; Pinterest; Google+; Flavors. So proud of our amazing team and our incredible pr. We make our cotton candy flavors with cane sugar and simple flavors. Your order of gourmet cotton candy will be delivered fresh to all nyc and nj locations, including Long Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan. We make the wildest flavors- Birthday Cake Cookie Dough Bubble Gum & many more! There is now a Spicy Jalapeño Cotton Candy that will not only melt in your mouth, but it will also melt your mouth! Cotton Candy Carts. This is the #2 goal of the company. We offer seven unique flavors of pre-packaged cotton candy, in modern packaging, providing a colorful and appealing product for retail shelves. We only use organic and all natural flavors in our cotton candy. A unique flavour combination which has become known as the flavour cotton candy. These flavors mix well together well, making them endlessly customizable to your unique Cotton Candy vape juice flavors. Product Specifiations: 1.2ml E-Liquid Capacity 50mg Nicotine Strength Non-Refillable Up to 400 Puffs per Life Cycle Fully Disposable Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glucol, Nicotine, Natural & Artificial Flavors W. PRIVATE LABEL YOUR BRAND Have control over product design and distribution. Unique Cotton Candy Flavors you won’t find ANYWHERE else!! View all unique cotton candy flavors here. It is our mission to spread the Natural and Organic bounty of nature through our products. Originally, cotton candy was just white. We would love to celebrate with you and we definitely have packages to fit your event! Also, you can find concentrated versions of our flavored sugars here. We loving hand-make our cotton candy flavours and designs, in order to bring you the most amazing experience possible. Unique Flavors believes that in order to have a name like unique you must truly be “UNIQUE”. Sale. View all unique cotton candy flavors here We make all of our cotton candy flavors using recipes we've crafted with care and persistence until they are perfect. While this candy isn't spicy enough to cause you in serious pain, its heat will be enough to test your limits. Minimum order is one case, (28) units per case and flavors can be mixed within a case. Perfect for use with our COTTON CRAVINGS’ Brand All Natural Cotton Candy Flavors ... All Natural Cotton Candy have been a hit with guests at Cirque du Soleil and at many innovative venues where our unique treats are offered. See our Indegogo campaign to see how you ca be part of the fun! Our pre-packaged cotton candy has a shelf life of five weeks and is made from our very own certified USDA organic sugar floss. For … Toasted Coconut Flavored Gourmet Cotton Candy by Fluffli $ 6.50. Delivery to … Oh Honey! SHOP COTTON CANDY! The 32 ounce tub will be sure to provide you just enough to satisfy both your sweet and your spicy side. Book us for an event or message for special orders . Natures Flavors Organic Cotton Candy Sugar comes in nearly 300 flavors ready to be spun by you, ranging from Acorn to Zabaglione. Our current turn around time is approx. Unavailable per item Choose 1 flavor. We hand spin with 100 percent organic sugar and it is allergen free. About. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. We carry both ready-to-spin cotton candy floss sugar and pre-spun cotton candy. Blueberry and mint twirled together… a delicious and surprising flavor combination! CUSTOMER LOYALTY Offer something distinct to your customers. Gourmet Cotton Candy. Pink Champagne/ pop the cork! Our flavored sugars are available in sample sizes and bulk quantities. SHOP ALL FLAVORS. In the US, cotton candy is available in a wide variety of flavors, but two flavor-blend colors predominate—blue raspberry and pink vanilla, both originally formulated by the Gold Medal … We … New From: Out of Stock: Buy from Amazon.com. Please contact us … This cotton candy packs a nice double punch with the sweetness of the fluffy treat that you're used to plus the added heat of its namesake chili.View all unique cotton candy flavors here. We are grateful for the amazing response from the . Summer is the time for trips to the zoo, carnivals and the state fair! This is for the cotton candy enthusiast. Services. Our artisanal cotton candy is made using 100% organic cane sugar and flavored with with natural ingredients. Nature's Flavors is a pioneer in organic and naturally flavored Cotton Candy. See more ideas about cotton candy flavoring, flavors, pepsi cola. Our Price: $ 15.00. Not much is better than cotton candy--except maybe for organic cotton candy. Pop Clouds Cotton Fluff 120ml Vape Juice. Pineapple and coconut perfectly swirled together so you will feel like you are in paradise sipping a drink with a little umbrella in hand. Pre-packaged Cotton Candy. Close your eyes and think of the best birthday cake you’ve ever had and put that in cotton candy form! SOLD. / honey for your honey Chocolate Cherry / chocolate + cherry cotton candy Pucker Up / tart lemon. With its light and sweet flavor, Champagne Bubbles will keep you remembering the party long after the confetti settles. The source material for candy mesh is usually both colored and flavored. This cotton candy packs a nice double punch with the sweetness of the fluffy treat that you're used to plus the added heat of its namesake chili. You pick your flavor, watch the magic and take in the aroma of sweet sugar! Valentine’s Day Flavors! If you think fresh Raspberry couldn’t get any sweeter, you haven’t had this perfectly pink fluff of deliciousness. … Our Twirl Girls hand-twirl cotton candy on-site to create a WOW experience for your guests that they won’t soon forget! Over 40 Unique Flavors We spin over 40 different flavors of cotton candy! Find us on Alki Beach summer of 2020! > Learn more about us… Let take care of your catering needs! Thank you for visiting the Cotton Candy Emporium site! With COVID-19 prevalent, you might as well sit at home and enjoy some unique cotton candy flavors. West Seattle U.S.A. Across from Starbucks!

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