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Unfortunately, the Franco-Prussian War and the Commune supervened, and the part of the building in which the dossier was kept was burnt. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. “I know the scoundrel better than you do,” he said. I shall not be to blame when anarchy with all its horrors devastates France. Of his real name or parentage and place of birth, nothing is definitely known; the common version is that he was a Portuguese Jew. Comte de Saint-Germain, (born c. 1710—died Feb. 27, 1784?, Eckernförde, Schleswig? He worked at alchemy with him, and Saint-Germain treated him as an equal. The importance he attached to jewels was so great that in the pictures painted by him, which were in themselves remarkable, the figures were covered with jewels; and his colors were so vivid and strange that faces looked pale and insignificant by contrast. Il affirme être le comte de Saint-Germain, aventurier prétendument alchimiste et immortel. And if Mademoiselle Lambert had the ideas of her time on the subject of gallantry, the Comte de Saint-Germain can hardly be reproached for lingering one night in her room in order to open in her presence the mysterious jewelcasket and invite her to choose one of those diamonds that were the admiration of Madam de Pompadour. Many writers who have studied the French Revolution do not believe in the influence exerted by the Comte de Saint-Germain. Moreover, we often have an erroneous conception of the activities of a master. The Music of the Comte St.Germain. The keen scent of Maurepas’ police officials was not keen enough, either during the days immediately following or later. He knew nearly all the European languages. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The real St. Germain was not French by birth, was an accomplished alchemist and claimed to know the secret of creating the 'elixir of life' which had given him immortality. ), 18th-century adventurer, known as der Wundermann (“the Wonderman”). The Comte de Saint-Germain was a man “of middle height, strongly built, and dressed with superb simplicity.” He spoke with an entire lack of ceremony to the most highly placed personages and was fully conscious of his superiority. After having been, also like Saint-Germain, a cause of astonishment to Parisian society for a considerable time, he disappeared without leaving a trace. The new spirit manifested itself in the form of associations. He was modest, the rarest quality in men of intelligence. Comte de Saint Germain was an 18th-century adventurer known as 'Der Wundermann' - 'The Wonderman'.. Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree.... Germany is a federal multiparty republic with two legislative houses. Old causes, created by accumulated injustices had paved the way for terrible effects. He was a man whose origin was unknown and who disappeared without leaving a trace. “Has anyone ever seen me eat or drink?” said Saint-Germain, as he was passing through Vienna, to a Herr Graeffer who offered him some Tokay. “Very well,” he said very gravely; “I promise you that you shall.” And he at once spoke of something else. If the face of a man who is not tormented by his emotions should retain its youth, it would be no miracle. But there were many other more obscure messengers, of whom Saint-Germain has been considered to be one. That is what some people are claiming about a historical figure known as Count de Saint-Germain. Some will have bathed in the sources of the Ganges, and others will show a talisman found in the pyramids. “A man who knows everything and who never dies,” said Voltaire of the Comte de Saint-Germain. Le comte de Saint-Germain, né probablement entre 1690 et 1710 (en 1691 selon la légende) et mort le 27 février 1784 à Eckernförde, est un aventurier du XVIIIe siècle, musicien, peintre et polyglotte, réputé alchimiste. Said Gleichen of the first time he met Saint-Germain: “He threw down his hat and sword, sat down in an armchair near the fire and interrupted the conversation by saying to the man who was speaking: ‘You do not know what you are saying! Quand il nest pas au clavecin ou larchet à la main, il profite de son élégant auditoire, pour ressasser, inlassablement et avec emphase, ses nombreux voyages, que dis-je, s… He was an aristocrat who lived with princes and even with kings almost on a footing of an equal. His contemporaries did not forgive him this weakness. Le comte resta un an à Berlin, fréquentant la cour et les soirées mondaines de Mme de Troussel puis il émit le souhait de rencontrer le prince Charles de Hesse-Cassel, passionné désotérisme, qui habitait au château de Gottorp, au nord de lAllemagne. The wicked will seize power with bloodstained hands. You will not see these calamities, but the fact that you paved the way for them will be enough to blacken your memory.”. In Germany there were the Illuminati and the Knights of Strict Observance, and Frederick II, when he came to the throne, founded the sect of the Architects of Africa. Lorsque le comte de Saint-Germain, parut en Angleterre, en 1745, il ne fut pas surprenant qu’un honorable Anglais conformiste comme l’était Horace Walpole, ait donné de lui le portrait suivant : « Il chante et joue du violon à merveille, il compose, il est fou et déraisonne. He taught that man has in him infinite possibilities and that, from the practical point of view, he must strive unceasingly to free himself of matter in order to enter into communication with the world of higher intelligences. Walpole, a true Englishman, came to the conclusion that “he was not a gentleman” because he used to say with a laugh that he was taken for a spy. The children of Francis Racoczi were brought up by the Emperor of Austria, but one of them was withdrawn from his guardianship. Sometimes they send to their imperfect brothers, who are blinded by passions and ignorance, sublime messengers to teach and guide them. There are men who, when they go to sleep, are pervaded by genuine happiness because they are certain that their spirit, when freed from the body, will be able to hold converse with the master in the luminous haze of the astral world. It was about this period, the beginning of the reign of Louis XVI, that Saint-Germain returned to France and saw Marie Antoinette. 26 quotes from Comte de Saint-Germain: 'I am a great believer in only worrying about those things we have control over, And we have no control over this craft; therefore, we should not worry. While he deliberately allowed his hearers to believe that his life had lasted inconceivably long, he never actually said so. Well, under the dictatorship of philanthropists and orators the national debt will reach thousands of millions.”, “I have seen Saint-Germain again,” wrote Comtesse d’Adhemar in 1821, “each time to my amazement.

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