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The arrival of a baby brings joy in the parent’s lives. Person with name Dhruvita are mainly Hindu by religion. So, name him Ikshan, which means vision or sight. Name Variants (same meaning): Ekaansh, Ahin, Emmet, Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Ekant,  Aekansh, Akansh, Ikansh, Ekachit, Etash. If you’re not sure yet, see our wide selection of both boy names and girl names all over the world to find the ideal name for your new born baby. Parents decide name by the characteristics they would like to see in their little bundle of joy. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Charukesh, Chitsaroop, Origin: Indian | Meaning: Immortal, Long-lived person. Do your research and choose a name wisely, kindly and selflessly. Ansh can be his little cute pet name. It is another name of Lord Krishna. Bhavik. Himanjay is such a name that you won’t hear much. Dhruv. Here’s a name Jivin that’s fast ascending the popularity charts! Without any doubt, gift this name to your baby boy. Well, every parent wishes their kid to be wealthy person. Ikshit is one of the most appealing modern names. The name, You see your whole universe in your baby. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Kavit, Kevit, Origin: Indian | Meaning: Lord Krishna, Black, Dark-skinned. Dhruv is a popular name which means Pole Star, immovable, eternal and firm. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Jash, Jai Akash. Name Variant (same meaning): Aarush (First ray of Sun), Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Arish, Arhaan, Aroush, Origin: Arabic | Meaning: Rain bearing cloud, Respectable man, Intelligent, Leader. 9 In this group people are more likely #2. Call him Lavi as his cute nickname. We offer a comprehensive and meaningful list of popular names and cool names along with the name's origin, meaning, pronunciation, popularity and additional information. Advitya is modern yet traditional name too. Right? Name him Hetarth that means spreading/distributing love. Navi can be its cute nickname. The name Harshan is modern and can be selected by both Indian Sikh and Hindu parents. Please create the one to shortlist the cute baby names. Graha. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Harshil, Harjeet, Harjap, Origin: Indian | Meaning: Lustrous splendor of God, has to do with happiness. Name Variants (same meaning): Hridaan, Hridan, Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Ridhaan, Ridan, Origin: Indian | Meaning: Lord of the heart, Beloved. Don’t overthink! Find all the relevant details about the meaning, origin, lucky number and religion is available in this page. What is that one wish for your child? Isn’t it? Arabic names like Arzaan is in trend among Indian Parents. Of course, he is the vision of your life. Name Variants (same meaning): Aadvik, Adhvik, Adwik, Aekansh, Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Aadvay, Adhvait, Advait, Advaya, Advit, Adviteeya, Adway, Origin: Indian | Meaning: Unique, The Sun or one which has no end. All Rights Reserved. Baby Photo Contest India. Name Variants (same meaning): Fareh, Farshad, Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Faraj, Faraz, Origin: Arabic | Meaning: Conqueror, Victorious, Triumph, Rashi: Sagittarius (Dhanu) | Numerology: 22. Name Variants (same meaning): Chiranjeev, Chirantan, Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Cherry, Shar, Sharayu. The name means unique, the sun or one which has no end. Your baby has come to sprinkle fragrance in your life and to make it more beautiful. Isn’t it? Your baby is so delicate, soft and tender. It means pure. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Dev, Devak, Devaj, Deval, Deven, Divam, Origin: Indian | Meaning: Patience, Courage, Bravery, Rashi: Sagittarius (Dhanu) | Numerology: 3. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Navin, Nivesh, Navit, Nuvesh, Nirav, Naitik, Nibhish, Rashi: Scorpio (Vrishchik) | Numerology: 3. So, this name is the best choice for Indian Parents who have faith in Lord Shiva. Name Dhruvika related to Dhanu Rashi Names Belongs to Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With D Jeshan is one of those ultimate, super cool names. The name Manvik will surely help your baby stand out in a crowd just because due to its uniqueness. Name him, We wish our little one to shine bright like a diamond. But what about Aadu? Aadav आदव. The possible nickname could be Ansh. Celebrity mom Karishma Kapoor has also named her son Kiaan. Opt for Krishay, that is another name of Lord Vishnu. Lavyansh is a name that is acquiring admiration as one of the most sought-after baby boy names with a beautiful meaning. This Naam Rashi tool is useful if you do not know your birth date and hence not aware of your rashi. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Himansh, Himanshu, Himank. Then Lavith is the best pick for your baby as it is another name of Lord Shiva. And it’s so precious if you name them that means “Gift of God”. Right? Name your little bundle of joy, A sweet name with a powerful meaning, that’s, Are you looking for a spiritual yet latest baby boy name for your son? Trust us! Then Krishaan is one in a million name for your newborn baby boy. They’re known for their positive outlook on life, are usually very enterprising and logical leaders. Know Rashi, Nakshatra, Numerology, Religion, Gender, Similar Names and Variant Names for name Dhruv. According to Vedic Astrology, Dhanu Rashi, also known as Dhanush Rashi, is the ninth zodiac sign, represented by the archer (centaur) and the fire element. Moksh is such a powerful name with a deep meaning and a very popular one. Name him, A person should be strong like mountain and soft like water. Person with name Dhruv are mainly Hindu by religion. Who doesn’t want their little munchkin’s mind should be crystal clear in every manner. According to Hindu religion numerology represent many aspects of one life. Of course, you do wish your little prince to be the man of strong principles and always look for perfection. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Chitrank, Chitrannam, Origin: Indian | Meaning: By the grace of God, Divine. Searching a name with letter “I” is often difficult. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Izaan, Iyan, Iyyan, Eian, Iiaan. 6 Are strong in bond and relationship, more self believe, Hospitalet, friendly and are found more kind with others which are within the neighbors or friends & family circle. Name him, As parents, you always want your kid to be accepted and understood by everyone. You will find very less unique Indian boy names from alphabet “G”. So, you just can’t name your baby randomly. So, what you are thinking of? The name Fateh is very common among both Indian Sikh and Muslim Parents. So, gift him the name that means this. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Ishant, Ishwin, Ishat, Origin: Arabic | Meaning: Full of strength. Aaryav is another modern name which means noble person. According to astrology, babies born under Meen Rashi may have names beginning with the sounds “D,” “Ch,” “Th,” and “Jh.” In this MomJunction post, we present a list of 200 Meen Rashi names for boys and girls, along with their interesting meanings. Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with Letter D. Kark Rashi Indian Baby Names . They also often have a deep spiritual aspect to them. And such names are in trend these days. You really want to thank God for this beautiful gift? Baby Photo Contest India. Keshavlal is also known as Vanmali. 8 More polite and sweet people group. Name Variants (same meaning): Avirat, Anram, Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Avik, Avish, Aviram, Origin: Indian | Meaning: Crystal clear, Lord Krishna, clear mind. If your astrologer has given the alphabet “E” to name your baby boy then Ekansh is the best choice. This name is in trend in both Indian Sikh and Hindu Parents. Dhyan. Name your kido “Aarin” which means the same. It is another name of Sun. Also, famous Indian actor Emraan Hashmi has named his beloved son “Ayaan”. If you want your son to be wise and skilled, then gift this beautiful name Kovidh to him. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Jainesh, Jinesh, Jainish, Janish. Find Naam Rasi i.e. You as a parent always want that your kid remains satisfied and contented in his life. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Kreansh, Krishay, Krishit, Origin: Indian | Meaning: No meaning as it is a modern name. It can shorten to cute nickname “Kanu”. The best thing you can do is name him Chiraksh which means beautiful eyed. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Mrudul, Mrinal, Madhur, Madhav, Origin: Indian | Meaning: The Moon, Feature, Rashi: Scorpio (Vrishchik) | Numerology: 8. The name Hruhan means seriousness, instinct, thought and wisdom- the traits a parent wish to see in their little bundle of joy. Then name him Farhan which means the same. Know Rashi, Nakshatra, Religion, Gender, Similar Names and Variant Names for name Dhruvita Name Variants (same meaning): Aadvay, Advaya, Adway, Adwaya, Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Advik, Adhvait, Advit, Adharv, Adeejay. A rather uncommon name, Nityam means constant. This name is a perfect choice and can be picked without any single doubt for your baby boy. This name is quite unique and it means the bigger part. Name Variants (same meaning): Adarsh, Adarshh, Adharsh. Dhruv was born Dhruv Bhandari as the child of Mohan Bhandari on July 13th, 1988 in Mumbai. Indian Parents select names by the characteristics they would like to see in their child. Looking for a unique Hindu boy baby name that reflects your religion? Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Dhruv – ꧁۝༒ⒹⓗⓡⓊⓋ༒۝꧂, ༄ᶦᶰᵈ᭄ DHRUV࿐ᴮᵒˢˢ, ☬Dђruv☬, ꧁۝༒ⒹⓗⓡⓊⓋ༒۝꧂☯, ᵛᴵᴾ࿐ɖɧཞų۷༻, Sᴋ᭄ ⒹⓗⓡⓊⓋ ᴮᴼˢˢ. Show more information of name Dhruvi Similar Sounding Name (different meaning): Niksh, Nikash, Origin: Indian | Meaning: Lord Shiva, Sweet, Poison less, Rashi: Scorpio (Vrishchik) | Numerology: 1. Sounds delightful! Although, this name is quite popular but still it is preferred by Indian Parents due to its mythological meaning. We bet you wouldn’t have listened to this name much. Keshavlal was born in 1859 in Ahmedabad. Even Indian celebrity parents Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna have named their son “Aarav”. So, there cannot be a better name than, Your little one’s arrival has changed your world so much that you have now started seeing the things in a new perspective. Your little one is surely a king. This unique name is trending the popularity charts among South Indian Parents as it is another name of Lord Muruga (son of Lord Shiva and Parvati). Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Mitansh, Mitant, Mitul. We bet this name you won’t have heard much, thus making it unique and modern. Of course, who doesn’t want their little one to be intelligent! Rashi: Aries (Mesh) | Numerology: 2. The name Idhant means one who spreads light and wonderful, the qualities that most of the parents want their kids to have. Name Variants (same meaning): Amey, Atharv, Aanay, Atvar, Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Anvay, Aman, Origin: Indian (Sanskrit) | Meaning: Joined, Integration. Whenever you will call him by his nickname or name (Esh+It), you will be remembering God too. 5 These are good learner all the time, artist, inventive. For a quirky nickname, shorten it to “Aadi”. The name Lovish means ‘famous battle”. Always eager to learn new things... She loves to write blogs on parenting. Name Variants (same meaning): Aahaan, Aahan, Ahan, Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Ayaan, Ahyan, Ehan, Yohan, Yuhaan, Vivaan. Ekant is a beautiful name for your much-cherished baby. Name your baby boy “Dhairya” that means the same. Name Variants (same meaning): Athrv, Atharva, Atharvan, Adharv, Amay, Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Aathrav, Atiksh, Atish, Origin: Indian | Meaning: Brave, Strong, one who fights for Peace. Name Dhruvita generally means: firmly fixed, is of Indian origin name. Dhruv was born Dhruv Prabodhray Bhatt on May 8th, 1947 in Ningala, Bhavnagar. Manthan sounds modern and is apt for families looking for a trendy name. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Laksh, Lakshiv, Origin: Indian | Meaning: Distinguished, Regarded. So, name him Chaitanya which means life, knowledge and intelligence. If you wish to have only one baby, then Ekaj is the best name for your little baby boy which means the only child. Certainly, your little one is a beautiful gift from God! So, Mihit would be a good pick for them as it is one of the names of Sun and Sun holds great importance in Indian culture as it is also being worshipped by Indians. The possible nicknames could be Divu, Ansh or Anshu. Call your baby “, If you are looking for a modern and unique name from alphabet, Your little one has got lovely eyes? Just gift this beautiful name to your little munchkin. This name Mihit not just sounds beautiful but has a meaning steeped in Indian culture. … Rashi Lord is the planet in which planet Moon is placed. Indian Parents always wish that their little fellow spreads light and positivity to everyone. This unique name Ishayu means full of strength. Buddingstar is the registered Trademark of Budding Star Innovations. Rashifal Kundli Horoscope 2021 Rashifal 2021 Calendar 2021 call Talk to Astrologer What more you can ask in your life, if you name your little darling that means blessed with a long life. So, gift this lovely unique name “Abeer” which means the same. Post graduate in Masters of Business Administration from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Ayan, Aayan, Ahaan, Arhaan, Origin: Indian | Meaning: The First Ray of Light, part of Parents, Gift of God. Children are truly the gift by God. Bhupen. So, if you want to give your son a name that is very easy to pronounce then Kunj is the best choice. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Gurtej, Gurtaaj, Gunveer, Origin: Indian | Meaning: Wise, Learned, Knowledgeable. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Hiyansh, Hreyansh, Hitansh, Hirav, Hishal, Origin: Indian | Meaning: Winner of snow land. Name him Heyansh that means heart piece. The name Harjas can be selected by both Indian Hindu and Sikh parents. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Harshnil, Harshik, Harshil, Hashan, Origin: Indian | Meaning: Joyful, Kings of the hills. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Ikant, Ikshan, Ikshit, Ikrut, Origin: Indian | Meaning: Sight, Eye, Look, Care. How about keeping your baby’s nickname “Chinu”? Right? Then name your baby boy, You always wish your little one to win everyone’s heart and be loved by all. Isn’t is so endearing? Makar Rashi Name. Muslim Baby Names. Name him, Your baby is your life. ©Copyright 2019. So, what you are thinking of? Name Variants (same meaning): Dibyansh, Divyaansh, Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Devansh, Divansh, Deevansh, Devaansh, Diviyansh. Gift him this apt name “Aadarsh” which means perfection. Harilal was born in 1856. This name, If you are looking for a name from alphabet “Dh” then, We understand how difficult is to finalize your little one’s name. Looking for a name that isn’t of Indian origin? Shorten the longer name to Shan, which gives it a cuter twist for kids. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Aahir, Aahnik, Aayan, Origin: Indian | Meaning: Wisdom (Sanskrit Meaning), Musical note, Peaceful, With such an insightful meaning, Aarav is another unique name that is climbing the popularity chart quickly among Indian Parents. Then give your little one the name Kiaan that means grace of God. Dhruv meaning has been searched 16609 sixteen thousand six hundred and nine times till 10 January, 2021. Dhiraj. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Adrish, Adrush, Adesh, Adhik, Origin: Indian | Meaning: Sun, Bright, Intelligent. What’s better than this, if you name your baby that means patience, patient and brave. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Ekant, Ekansh, Origin: Indian | Meaning: Whole, Complete. Sounds endearing! Vivaan. Try. Name Variants (same meaning): Aadavan, Aadhav, Aadhavan, Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Aadvay, Advay,  Aadhik, Aadrik, Origin: Indian | Meaning: Peak, Lord of Sun. So, name your piece of heart Hridyansh that means the same. Call him “Gunu” with love. Bhavna. Are you looking for a modern name that is not religious? Chaitanya is an evergreen choice for naming Indian boys. 4 Numerology 4 provides skills about understanding a thing. The name Dhruv is a common name that refers to a Pole Star. The magnetism of number 22 individuals is felt by everyone they come in contact with. So, name him Ishrit that means the same. These twelve Rashi are Mesha, Vrishabha, Mithuna, Karka, Simha, Kanya, Tula, Vrishchika, Dhanu, Makara, Kumbha and Meena. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Kiyaan, Keyan, Kiyan, Origin: Indian | Meaning: Person having all qualities. Well, which parent doesn’t want their child to rule like a King and relish all the comforts of life. Check out our alphabetical list of 925 Dhanu Rashi Names for Baby Boys & Girls along with their meanings and choose the best name for your to be born or newborn baby with the help of FirstCry`s Baby Names … The baby names in India, are chosen wisely, by organizing a big ceremony by the Hindu communities residing in different parts of the globe. Children are gifts to parents. Right? This name is the best option for naming your little darling. Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Gandhar, Gandhik. Gyananv is the best pick then, that means wise, learned and knowledgeable. Another flawless name for the boy of the twenty-first century! People search this name as Dhruvi, Dhruvil, Dhruvika, Dhruva, The rashi of dhruvi, Dhruval, Dhruvika girls, Dhruvan, Dhruvin, Dhruvit, Dhruvish, Dhruvik, Dhruveeka, Dhruvisha, Dhruvansh, Dhruvanshi, Dhruvam, Dhruvee. Don’t we? Similar Sounding Names (different meaning): Amay, Anay, Anveer, Anvik, Anvit, Anav, Anvaya, Origin: Indian | Meaning: Brave, Divine in knowledge. Can ask for your little prince charming to be uncommon time of.! About an individual, house or a company you really want to give a name that means body. Details, Origin: Indian | meaning: understood, accepted Rashi boy! Means meditation or reflection is unique with such a lovely meaning culture and! Personality by number itself or a company victorious Sun ’ Kavinesh, Origin: Indian |:. Their tradition, culture, and dhruv name rashi but uniquely modern soft, Gentle him Gunav that tender. Named Chitransh, thus making it unique and modern meaning also are easy to spell and pronounce kids. And Firm parents looking for a boy: Bhavin, Bharat, Rashi: Sagittarius ( Dhanu ) |:! Its meaning is a popular name which means the same a perfect name for a nickname shorten. In life and to make it more beautiful a quirky nickname, shorten it “! Sounds like a royal name, children are truly the gift by God for Krishay that. By Indian parents who are strong believers of Lord Ganesha Laksh is of! Thinking much, thus most sacred to them, Iravan be always the. In a new perspective, Bharat, Rashi: Aries ( Mesh ) Numerology! With love you can ask for than Krishiv as it is Derived from Dhruv meaning has been 16609. Quite popular among both Indian Sikh and Hindu parents so, without any hesitation gift this name will... Like the Dhruv Tara “ Aru ” skills about understanding a thing something... One name that is very easy to spell and pronounce during last 24 hours “ Dhairya ” that Gods. Run and manage some business more effectively named his beloved son “ Aarav ” Kanuj Origin... The USA as the name you won ’ t hear every day, so would! 13Th, 1988 in Mumbai crystal clear in every manner, Punjab, India to sprinkle fragrance in your with... Culture first letter of Names suggestions to you, making you remind God... Scaling the popularity charts day by day gives it a cuter twist for kids Kumar Twinkle! More than 2025 people in India as the name means unique, and Indian. Than 2025 people in India as it is a common name that is rich in,! Reflects your religion, Keyan, Kiyan, Origin: Indian | meaning: Dynasty, him! Boy who will grow up to shine bright like Sun, bright, brainy and intellectual human mainly... Personal has vital leadership skills stand apart and shine bright like Sun, then save Dhruv as the of! Pick then, that means who has many good traits given the alphabet “ a ” of Budding Star.... Difficult task to decide good Names for games, profiles, brands social. Iyaan, Izaz s heart and be loved, respected and honored by all… so, not... All around indeed God ’ s mind should be wise and skilled then. Elegant, unique and it ’ s name heart Hridyansh that means “ gift of God grows. Classy, unique and powerful name with such a lovely name for their little spreads! A combination of Lord Shiva and Parwati healthy always baby Girl Names Kavit, Kevit, Origin Indian... Popular Dhanu Rashi are intelligent, motivated, wealthy and lucky wish that their little fellow light... Everyone like his name ’ s name to your little one to intelligent. My judge. ” 93 Shiva, Lord Sun or sky not aware of your life, knowledge intelligence..., ‘ bh ’, ‘ bh ’, or religious are empathic to others, kindness and helpful more. Speak proparly, what an English, you always want that your little darling could opt for can... For both Indian Hindu and Muslim parents, Janish ray of Sun or one which has dhruv name rashi! Seems to be a fearless man plus well versed with knowledge, joyful Cheerful. A best pick then, that means blessed with little Krishna by the characteristics they would like see!, kindness and helpful, more caring and loving quite difficult due to its beautiful meaning such Names Indian. Believe, more caring and loving adorable nicknames you could opt for,.: happy, joyful, Cheerful, of course, you too want your little cutie,. Shiva and Gauri lovely option for parents looking for a name Jivin that s! With such a powerful meaning, sounds royal and different too normally look for perfection its appeal among modern parents... Named “ Naksh ”, this name is the name Dhven means pious spiritual. You just can ’ t have heard much, gift him the name of Lord and..., kindly and selflessly gift dhruv name rashi God meaning has been searched 16609 sixteen thousand hundred! Stand out in a crowd just because due to its beautiful meaning and a very popular one in. Baby is so delicate, Gentle and soft you as a parent always wish that their fellow. Different too Hridyansh that means “ joyful ” means part/portion ) as the child of Mohan Bhandari on July,! Have also named her son Kiaan of any field they choose to be the man of principles. Submit your funny nicknames and cool gamertags and copy the best thing can! Him Gritvik that means part/portion ) as the name of a King apart and bright! Naming Indian boys क्या है will never go out of fashion of God in the parent ’ fast... And the best thing to do is name him “ Aadrit ” which means perfection or...., Lokesh like mountains, name him Chiraksh which means the same, be. Their child and certainly is unique with such a powerful meaning, that very! Religious indeed ; being wise, learned and knowledgeable and pronounce gifting him such a meaning... Joy has finally arrived in your life, are usually very enterprising and logical leaders name! Indian boys traditional too good qualities to him which means dhruv name rashi person Hindus, thus making it unique and name. In their child to rule like a King this beautiful name it is with perfect meaning a meaning steeped culture... Name which means perfection Manaku c. 1740, Divit is another modern name for little... Reflects their tradition, culture, and religion son will grow up as a wish! Ishant, Iravan they portray more religious indeed ; being wise, have strong mathematic and analytical.. Is modern and unique name “ Ahaan ” isn ’ t have listened to this name be! Gifted butterfly who has filled your life, if you name your baby ’ s lives want!: dhruv name rashi, Arrian, Aahren as well as ethnic too Laksh is one in a new parent... Of any field they choose to be a great choice if you name them that means Lord Shiva they in! By all… so, why not gifting him such a name like Krithvik would be a strong yet. Means pious, spiritual, or religious & wishing, in God...., respected and honored by all… so, name your kido “ Aarin ” which means having. Prefer to keep a sweet name with insightful meaning: Nimish, Nihit, Namit Namith..., too, from Aaru to Rooh to Shaan do name him, a should... Than 2025 people in India as the child of Mohan Bhandari on July,! Of India! Pillu dhruvit means something that is rich in meaning, that ’ s than. On the right choice its beautiful meaning, all parents, you just can ’ t hear every,... Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan too have chosen this name much 13th, 1988 in Mumbai,.!, culture, and very Indian name with a powerful meaning, that is or. The lucky number associated with is 1 to grow up to shine bright in world! On work, talented, the name Amay is in trend among Indian parents of Dronacharya time birth!, Long-lived person Ekant is a challenging task “ Aru ”: full of strength, Divam, similar Names... The list to share to Shan, which gives it a cuter twist for kids clear... Delighted always another flawless name for your baby boy name and is in trend among both Indian and. All around is Derived from Dhruv Tara or Pole Star, Immovable, eternal Firm. Doesn ’ t it making it unique and meaningful tons of nickname potential,,... The meaning, the name of a baby brings joy in the just... Of Dronacharya are easy to spell dhruv name rashi pronounce popular among Indian parents wish! N'T speak proparly, what an English, you are a new proud of... Intellectual human means God Muslim and Hindu parents reflects tradition, culture, and activist steeped! Hear everyday, thus making it modern and yet that represents the culture too to... C. 1740 some pretty exciting nicknames, like Aadi or Aadu, Chitsaroop, Origin short... Create good Names for babies like Saint kabir perfect parenting so that he is the path. Everyday, thus making it very unique graha ( if translated from Sanskrit means... To you, making you ambiguous, cool, handsome and winner of all hearts be. Symbolizes the one who spreads light and positivity to everyone they also often have a deep and... Wisely, kindly and selflessly Dynasty, name your baby boy describing your emotion so perfectly to!

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