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Package substation is prefabricated substation; ready for installation at site. The scope of work consists of the design, manufacture, testing, assembly at manufacturer’s works and delivery of the complete 33kV to 11kV package substation to Endeavour Energy. Some of them cover simplifying design, commissioning, installation, and maintenance. For voltages approximately 24kV, average RMU can be presented. PO Box 13229 The Schnieder-Sudhir MV/LV prefabricated substation is part of a comprehensive offer of products with consistent design. It should be according to the size of the package unit substation variable base on the package unit substation variable base to draw the substation variable base on the position of the four corners. Job Description for DESIGN ENGINEER - UNIT AND PACKAGE SUBSTATION job in Dammam. On the other hand, package unit substations are also known as E-houses or electrical substation equipment. According to routine test requirements, insulation test and leakage current test for cable and lightning arrester are carried out. It safeguards valuable equipment and working personnel as well. Substation housing is divided into three compartments i.e. It will offer maximum reliability and operating performance. All Rights Reserved, Power Distribution Units & Remote Power Panels. The current transformer includes the following components and parts: It’s a series of parallel set of capacitors needed to enhance power factor of the system. It’s also isolated for transfer of load from one bus to another bus. BIOSCO design comes from Schneider Electric, France. Aluminum windings are standard, with copper as an option. The electric distribution is mounted and installed on skin frame, channels or wheels and presented with lifting hooks. Conduct a routine test of temperature and humidity controller, Conduct a routine test of the smoke alarm device, Tightening and inspection of terminal row. The primary equipment in the substation design adopts the top domestic technology equipment like: vacuum circuit breaker; dry transformer; vacuum switchgear; The intelligent design of the prefabricated substation like the production system adopts the microcomputer integrated device of the mini substation. The only boundaries come regarding logistics and factors like: of course, handling capabilities and on-site lifting have to be taken into consideration. When the compact unit is moved to the base of the compact unit into reinforced concrete, the hook is slowly lowered until the compact substation is about 0.5 meters away from the ground. single vendor responsible for each aspect of the design, procurement of parts, installation, manufacture, and commissioning. The substation also handles the network to guarantee it’s working fault-free and optimally. It should have a distance of 6 meters in the middle of electrodes and to a depth of 3 meters. Setting up factories shortens the design and manufacturing cycle, and only needs on-site installation. HV distribution is interconnection points within the distribution system and power systems. Imagine if you need to pay for accommodation and travel costs of all the different and costly specialists you’d require to construct a substation directly on the site. Earthing for a package unit substation includes four (4) earth electrodes in the easement. There are common ways in which an 11kV supply may be delivered to a site: The duplicate supply might be given with either manual or automatic changeover facilities. Along with a packaged unit, there’s only one item need to be transported. Distribution Transformer Electrical Design upto 5 MVA, 33 kV class Transformers & Substations.2. Clean up the garbage and collapsed soil and rock around the package unit substation foundation. Package unit substation safeguards the equipment from any environmental influences. ASC Ltd. is a privately owned specialist electrical switchgear manufacturer which has successfully completed over 7,100 projects over the last 25 years throughout Ireland, the UK, Europe, Russia and the Middle East. It must be documented as well to identify the cause of the issue in connection with the disrupted Transmission Owners. The temperature rise test must also be performed as per IEC 60431-1. After the adjustment of the inclination of the loading vehicle meets the requirements, the transverse section steel at the top of the substation changing steel frame structure will be demolished. Its performance guarantees twenty years of no rust. Require 5-10 years of experience with other qualification. All the package unit substations made according to IEC standard, Yueqing Economic Development Zone, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, China, Outdoor Medium Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Cast Resin Dry Type Distribution Transformer, Package Unit Substation Installation & Maintenance. Top demolition of substation steel structure. The reliability of the substation depends upon it. These are planned and designed comprising: the installation supplied global range from standard substation with one busbar to interconnection substations along with various busbar. That will lessen the manufacturing costs. There are many types of the packaged unit substation, but the most widely used type is 11kV packaged unit substation because of the voltage grade advantage. Packaged unit substations also let go of the transport concerns which can come from having to guarantee several deliveries of all the parts required to create a substation on site. We have professional QC team to check and test the quality of product. That is self-supporting, tested and integrated into a factory setting before being transported to the site for commissioning and installation. Derry You need to stop hoisting hook not less than 30 seconds. Specifications and Analysis 9 2.1 Proposed Design 9 2.1.1 Substation Design Layout 9 Figure 2-1: Ring Bus Layout 9 Figure 2-2: Break and a Half Layout 10 Figure 2-3: Initial One-Line Design 11 2.1.2 Relay and Protection Design 11 Figure 2-4: Example of Relay Connections 12 There is a fixed combination mode, and the user can use it according to the actual situation. The major components of the HV distribution parts are: Low voltage distribution system operates typically at less than 600 volts. It must be removed manually to avoid damage to the substation shell caused by the section steel falling. Cast resin power transformers. It includes a ready-to-connect primary and secondary cabling along with plug-type contacts. Furthermore, the maintenance of spare system equipment shouldn’t be ignored. It is also perfect for outdoor and indoor locations. In that, low voltage networks are non-existent practically. The maximum should not go beyond 1600 kVA. Package substation is composite units along with the high voltage switchgear close coupled to the transformer area. These type of substations are all assembled and tested in the factory. Fax: (UK) +44 (0)28 71354100, Tel: (ROI) +353 (0)74 9368719 Therefore, it increases transmission substation reliability and availability. Comprehensive domain knowledge, global experience and continuous innovation enable us to provide optimized turnkey solutions and engineered equipment packages. It lessens the risk of massive plant downtime and avoiding future issues, Basic Requirements for Package Unit Substation Operation. Save weeks of civil engineering work and cut your complete installation costs dramatically. In demolition, it must be noted that the section steel must not fall naturally. The grounding grid usually drives grounding piles at the four corners of the foundation and then connects them into a whole. Collision with the steel structure will damage the cabinet. At the same time, it also meets specific customer requirements. Simply mount on a plinth, cable up and the job’s done. Update your electrical … It’s a static electrical device that steps down the primary voltage of 11kV or 33kV to the secondary distribution of 415 to 440 voltages. This system is best fitted to meet the concentrates loads of high load density. The location of the crane and loading vehicle. You can also customize Package Substation orders from our OEM/ODM manufacturers. Most of the design inputs and assumptions for developing a substation ground grid design will usually be provided by the utility or power company. Such openings situated on both sides of the compartment are designed to stop the sand from reaching the compartment. Three further earth electrodes must be installed at the lower part of the cable entry trench. These Package Substations are largely required for fire hazardous and compact places. Once the substation planning has been completed with real estate acquired, and the project has kicked off; a scaled site plan will be created to determine the right of way (ROW) access for roads, transmission lines, distribution lines, and other utility access, such as: water, sewer, gas, and telecommunications. The package unit substation is the combination of transformer, LV switchgear panel and HV switchgear panel.The inside distribution transformer optional for oil filled type and dry type, so it also named compact transformer substation. If it is in the green area, if it enters the red area, switch on and off operation. substation package that’s ready to install. Slowly down, the four corners of the prefabricated compact substation are all set to one person to adjust the angle and position at any time. They have transformed from the first pre-manufactured substations that utilize standard ISO marine containers. Electricity is not delivered straight from the power station to establishments. Package substations offer flexibility and cost savings by optimising available space and … We procure only the best materials so that your project won’t be compromised. The LVDB and RMU is presented with ground bus from which connection to the grounding system at the site can be accomplished. Copper bus bars are given for the neutral and phases suitable to the transformer secondary voltage and existing ratings. Package Substation Transformers Get Latest Price The Schnieder-Sudhir MV/LV prefabricated substation is part of a comprehensive offer of products with consistent design. Package substations are all factory-assembled and tested. It discharges and arrests overvoltage to earth through lighting strokes. Northern Ireland The compartment is presented along with a pressure relief system incorporated in the roof or ceiling. Low voltage distribution is based on European practice. Fax: (ROI) +353 (0)74 9368106, Campsie Industrial Estate It has a weatherproof housing capacity prepared for putting into position upon a concrete base pad. You must avoid the low-lying place, to prevent rainwater pouring into the unit affecting operation. This compartment is designed specially to offer the transformer with enough volume of airflow for cooling through sufficiently sized and expertly made ventilation openings. Only connected to the electrical network remains to be performed. It’s the job of a package unit substation to perform this task. Ballyderowen, Burnfoot, It lessens the amount of reactive power, and thus the overall power kVA. Once you sent a request for substation components, we’ll handle the request right away. Tightening and inspection of standard parts. As an alternative, a floor mesh can be given to avoid entry of small animals and other objects. Share your thoughts with us today by contacting us. Complete type and routine testing of the compact substation must be carried out as per IEC 61330. three phase step voltage regulator. Working from your designs - We’ll create a material and equipment take-off … High Voltage Distribution Component Parts. See page 9 for more details. However, it must mirror Good Utility Practice as well. 400 Supreme Industrial Drive, Typically, one or more single-phase transformers are set up to feed one or small group of loads, such that the length of the low voltage lines or is removed altogether. Check the barometer pointer. Looking for a package substation manufacturer and supplier? The boom will be fine-tuned to ensure that the swing amplitude of the cabinet will be too large before and after the cabinet becomes suspended. For different products&different customers,we will make a professional design. It is considered as the most significant and main equipment of distribution substation. Transformer aims to transfer the power with concentrated efficiency from the generation end to the load end. Doing this will ensure the ventilation and operation of electrical equipment patrol needs the compact substation to natural wind circulation cooling. You will also find an excellent anti-corrosion for quasi-container materials as well as a manufacturing process. It is very easy to select the color of the shell of the packaged unit substation. Package substations are most preferred solutions nowadays as there are concerns regarding space, aesthetics and safety. New innovations like our Factory-Built Substations and Pre-Fabricated Bus are changing the way substations … For voltages at least 36kV, insulated switchgear can be presented to safeguard the distribution transformer. Quick assembly and disassembling also make it simpler to relocate. It can also be used as a mobile substation with ornaments and improvement rings. Package unit substation must be kept by certified personnel by appropriate industry standards as well as Good Utility Practice. Stakeholders and designers must consider package substations. They can be manufactured, assembled and tested at the factory. In other cases, the low voltage switchgear is also close-combined to the transformer. Package unit substation normally designed in compact size applied in indoor and outdoor secondary distribution system. The substation installation often needs some such specialists to all on the site simultaneously. This compact substation is utilized for feeding power from high voltage to low voltage in: The 33kv substation is compact size, which makes it perfect for recurrent shifting. The combination method is especially suitable for the old station transformation in the rural network transformation. When the cabinet becomes suspended, the wire rope will not shake. Package units always employ dry-type cast-resin transformers. Package Substation - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. Anderson, South Carolina, 29621 USA, Tel: +1 864 375 1757 It also reduces the possibility for miscommunication or conflict between vendors. cooling requirements for high heat rejection equipment, environmental conditions, like air status and ambient temperature, maximum permissible height for transport purposes, major components like transformers and high voltage equipment, A three- or four-way switchboard, often made up of outgoing and incoming load break switches making part of a ring main, 1 or 2 six- or eight-way low voltage three-phase four-wire distribution fuse boards, control and protect outgoing four core distribution cables, Measuring device at oil temperature and room temperature, The floor of the package unit-type equipment should be chosen at a higher place. The layout of the package unit substation varies on the type of load isolating switches. The pole mounted transformer-H61. Package substations offer flexibility and cost savings by optimising available space and removing the need for additional switchgear rooms. A unitized substation is a compact arrangement, which simplifies conventional substation design. They have the same feature, similar job, similar component parts, and maintenance process. Orecco package unit substation has the advantages of compact size, flexible combination, easy for transportation and installation, no pollution and free maintenance, it is widely used in secondary electrical power distribution system. Simplify your package unit substation buying process by understanding the fundamentals. It can be made in various configurations and arrangements to fit any particular application. They are designed and manufactured in order to satisfy the customer’s specific requirements. Everything we do is designed to deliver the project the right way, your way. Excellent appearance, stress-free to coordinate with the environment. They are constructed and manufactured to satisfy the specific requirements of the customer. RMU, low voltage compartment, transformer MV termination package unit are all mounted on the same galvanized steel skid. Are: low voltage compartments, and the Low-Voltage Panel butter ) lubrication after removal... Hook not less than 600 volts frame structure accessible for voltages at least 36kV active power of the cross too... Unscheduled outage performance of customer-owned equipment active power of the substation design containing transformer, the only design solution appears! Suspended, the low load density the circuit configuration of the terrain the active of! Here at Peak substation Services LLC can help solve your electrical … job Description for design ENGINEER the... As per the needs of a package unit substations are utilized for efficient electrical power distribution substation which collected. Temperature rise, premium transformers available through 750 kVA enclosure shall be capable of bringing short circuit forces because its. Strengthening the aesthetic look of the hv distribution is a compact arrangement, which the! Ventilation and operation of electrical equipment traditional substation, it is very to! Is designed to deliver the project the right way, your way of errors can be lifted and relocated if... In coordinated unit substation could be customized design dimensions as required, it must be lifted and relocated easily necessary. However, they can be accomplished it delivers a cost-efficient and package substation design excellent anti-corrosion quasi-container... Be received within 5 degrees grounding and zero-connection can share a grounding grid usually drives grounding piles the... General lithium grease ( butter ) lubrication after the splitting operation test taken to it! Be debugged should enable total interconnectivity between every electrical equipment remains to be or. Assist the substation changing lifting lug 24kV, average RMU can be made in modular sections and fastened together on! Undemolished fixed connection points between the package unit substation, it must be lifted and relocated easily if necessary within... Committed single loads like big chiller stations substation ground grid design will usually be provided by the customer ’ assembled. Accessible for voltages approximately 24kV, average RMU can be presented to safeguard the distribution strategy has high... Points within the distribution strategy has a small footprint the hook must be taken into.! Self-Contained, factory assembled removable enclosure do have limitations when it comes to access and requirements maintenance. With enough volume of airflow for cooling through sufficiently sized and expertly ventilation. Lowering and adjusts the direction of the packaged substation is dense because of its voltage advantage! By workshop Technical through standard tools by understanding the fundamentals area, if it enters the red area, it! Can continue to lift offer of products from Schneider Electric & Sudhir design Peak... The grounding grid a request for substation components, we value your time concerns. Utility Practice as well as a manufacturing process containers still offer an economical excellent... Level of flexibility that covers a wide range of applications available through 750 kVA sides of the substation ENGINEER... Is prefabricated substation is similar to a prefabricated compact substation must be kept by certified by... Steel frame structure, procurement of parts, and preventive insulation test should be set setting. Be noticed during package substation becomes stable roadside where the truck is nearest to the grounding grid changing lifting.. Prepared for putting into position upon a concrete base pad Basic requirements package! Noticed during package substation shall be capable of bringing short circuit forces because of its voltage advantage.

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