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It seemed to work well, and the live bus tracking feature was fantastic! It works! 10/10. I needed to leave the bus to get into work yet he started to shout at the top of his voice about how the pandemic is a fraud and doesn't exist. Thankfully I haven't had to use it for a year or so now, but it was an absolute wreck. The (male) bus driver started yelling back down the bus at me about what was happening with President Trump atm. Appen hedder ”DinBus”. Bigger problem is that they have a working monopoly over the bus 'service' in my town. North West Vehicle Restoration Trust. Arriva can see all these 1 star ratings (0 stars really) but do nothing because they are so arrogant. Change it back to the way it was. I wish I didn't have to use it but like your town they have a monopoly on bus travel and I do save £15 a month over paper tickets. Select a region. Arriva Bus M-Ticket Application Install problem? They know full well what is going on, the most basic company in the world could get this working if they wanted to, never mind a multinational company like arriva. UK Bus Checker brings you live transit times, smart journey planning and comprehensive route maps for all of Great Britain. In regards to the app, We would like to apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused by the current problems with our app. The quickest and easiest way to get the answer you're after is to use our live chat service. When they say a customer service rep will contact you, they don’t, it’s just to appear like they’ve done something on these review pages. Arriva couldn't get any worse if they tried. The root check is to prevent people exploiting vulnerabilities within the app. Please be aware that our old Journey Planning app has expired meaning you are no longer be able to plan your journeys or view live bus information through this app. Our live chat service allows you to talk to a member of our Customer Services team right from your desktop, mobile or tablet device. Pay by contactless or via the Arriva m-ticket app – only pay by cash if you have the exact change as drivers cannot issue change. Southern Counties North West and Wales North East and Yorkshire Midlands To claim your account, please refer to an email from us on either the 24th September or 19th October (check your junk folder, just in case) which details how to claim your account. Please show your app screen to the driver when you board your bus. left my bag on the bus today and just want to say how thankful I am for your help getting it back to me thankyou so much excellent service!! I pay about 70 pounds for a monthly ticket that usually doesn’t work. Here I am again complaining even tho not one person who works at arriva has tried to make a difference dispite the hundreds of similar negative reviews. I reported the app as not being fit for purpose on December 9th and was told it was being looked into. I was just browsing reddit and someone posted a link to a video about an Xposed module called RootCloak. This is absoloutely disgusting and u should actually be ashamed at the service u give. I wish you hadn’t changed the App. Of course the group is not the first to offer an all encompassing app for its bus … Du kan downloade app’en i App Store og Google Play. One of the worst bus service in the world.If I can give zero stars that's my rating.Ticket fare is like national couch but bus quality zero, it's just trash can, noisy and zero cleanlinessShould feel shame DB company. My phone is rooted and I already had Xposed installed so I installed the module added the Arriva app to the list of cloaked apps and fired it up. The App is appalling. Do not throw your money away and just use cash. He thought the pandemic is a fraud, non- existent, being used as a tool to take our property from us, send us into debt and ruin our lives and he shouted his views at me for quite a few minutes while I was trying to escape. It’s showing journeys as cancelled but in fact they aren’t. Select a region. The time shown on timetable boards are not accurate so as times shown on the Arriva bus app. Arriva help - frequently asked questions about Arriva. Their helpline was no help at all and when the app got updated a few days ago it started asking for SuperUser then closed. Hopefully this will help someone else out there as even though the app is terrible you can save a bunch of money by using it. Sections of this page. Key to the app is the Arriva live bus map, which shows the real time exact location of every Arriva bus across the country, alongside a sophisticated journey planner, timetable information and integration with the group’s existing m-ticketing app. I’m absolutely freezing & can barely feel my hands or feet! Nicola Best, 176 is the worst ever never comes on the time and the bus driver is the worst idiot ever se, Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. If course no one responded to my email either. Don't feel sorry if their drivers are assaulted – they probably deserve it. When it works it's great but when you have a problem they will not lift a finger. Noisey engine but a good serviceMeasured up to 89 dB in the back seat with vibrations to beat any massage chair, Driver 22787 was absolutely sound and really helped me out. Du kan downloade app’en i App Store og Google Play. For Surface Pro 4 users, this is a universal problem that has been documented since its launch date 30 days ago on October 26th. This new one is absolutely awful. So I was the only passenger on the bus tonight, on my way to work at an NHS Health Centre. Tracking buses, time tables, and tickets all do not work. He was sooooo angry and shouted very loudly. But when I go onto the URL it just says "Service Unavailable". To access these tickets, we have set you up an account on the new Arriva UK Bus app. For out of hours please submit an enquiry form from the contact us page. Når du har hentet app’en ned på din telefon, kan du vælge, om du vil give ris eller ros. It’s got to be borderline fraudulent that they continue to take money through this. The bus driver was combative, threatening, loud, angry and was definitely taking his frustration out on me as an NHS worker. This is not a one off - it’s quite a regular occurrence. I'm following the news so I knew what he was shouting about and joined in the 'conversation' . Do not stand or queue in the aisle of the bus or next to the driver. Took twenty minutes to get two weeks of travel out of them! It was a frightening experience and I'll think again before taking public transport to work thanks to this, frankly disturbed driver. Press J to jump to the feed. Arriva Bus Help Portal. I used it for about a year, it's a very obviously cheap, poorly developed app, but it saved money and worked 2/3rds of the time. stevieinselby Forum Member. And what’s the problem with the on-board Wi-Fi it never... Jump to. For the United Kingdom of Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) and Northern Ireland; News, Politics, Economics, Society, Business, Culture, discussion and anything else UK related. Buses do not show up on time or at all. Having problems with Arriva M-Ticket app on Android? A bus just came 8 minutes early and drove off right in front of me when i have places to me. They raise prices regularly while delivering an increasingly unusable service and there really isn't anything you can do about it, if you need the bus you have to use arriva. Thanx! Why is your new app so BAD? college stundents use this service and so do people with jobs. Having no location information on the buses makes it absolutely useless. The app will not reach server a lot of times when I try to use it, and even if I manage to start the app work, the real time buses will disappear somewhere and will not arrive. I would often have the ticket up, get to the bus stop have a quick look and it had disappeared, call them up ask them wtf they tell me to wait and they'll send a new one. Now I have to wait half an hour for the next one! If you are experiencing issues, you can still travel with us. With this app, you can simple put an iBeacon inside your luggage. A customer has complained after issues with the Arriva bus app left them having to pay twice for a ticket. APP ArrivaMyPay. Whether going into work at night or coming home, like now, after a 12 hour shift. it’s appalling and you cause so many inconveniences in everybody’s lives you should all be locked up. Why not scrap the new app until you can get it to work properly and reinstate the old one which did work. Absolutely appalling! The app will not reach server a lot of times when I try to use it, and even if I manage to start the app work, the real time buses will disappear somewhere and will not arrive. Their helpline was no help at all and when the app got updated a few days ago it started asking for SuperUser then closed. Deleted it. If this were my company I'd be embarrassed. As usual, missed my connection because 68 was 4 minutes early. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This app is to help traveller who wants to be alerted when his/her luggage is near. ‎Our new app has a range of features designed to make it easy for you to get to the people and places that you need across the UK (excluding London). If you look on your App Store, they actually highlight the worst aspects of the new app. If you have a question then chat to an Arriva adviser today! Appen hedder ”DinBus”. Når du har hentet app’en ned på din telefon, kan du vælge, om du vil give ris eller ros. 100% will not contact you.For anyone wanting to make a real complaint that might be listened to, you can also phone your councils transport departments etc to ask them why they continue to use Arriva.The fact they charge for tickets on an app they’re fully aware doesn’t work says it all. If your IT dept were employed in industry they would have all been sacked by now for incompetence. It doesn’t work. They wanted to send me tickets for what I had left from now not what I had lost. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the unitedkingdom community. But they changed it. He didn't open the doors and I found myself smiling and nodding so that he didn't enact a full, physical assault on me. New Arriva website and bus app Aug 25, 2020 10:29:16 GMT 1 deerfold likes this. Bingo! If they had any competition, they'd be out of business in an instant. We don’t expect you will encounter any problems, but if you do, go to the contact us page on our website where one of our customer services advisors will be there to help. Skip to main content. Driver actually smiled as he drove straight past us without stopping, despite there being plenty of room on the bus. Come when they feel like it, not following the times. Nonprofit Organization. The problem Being a small margin and highly competitive business, Arriva spent a lot of money on customer service, and … This is beyond a joke now, I made god knows how many complaints to them about this. if the bus is late, the driver is … New app is appallingly bad. The old one was great. What happens if I have a problem with my smartcard? After a couple of updates it constantly starting losing tickets, sometimes they were able to put them back on sometimes they weren't. First I tried registering on the Arriva Bus website but it didn't send me the text so I sent REG to 82500. Arriva’s new UK Bus App has finally caught up with First and Stagecoach by combining separate apps for m-ticket purchases with general information. Feels like they just look at these and go "meh" and do nothing.I get the 31 every day to work but have to be there for early just somi can catch the bus, cause I know they NEVER follow the timetable use today for example, I was running a bit late but the bus is only due in 10 mins and the stop is only 2 mins walk away at most (I can see the stop as soon as I leave my house) soon as I leave the 31 is ALREADY AT YHE STOP, i try to run and nearly break my neck on the ice and snow for them to just look at me like I'm a bell end and drive off, it's a f***ing joke this ! Whether you want to find out when your next bus will arrive, purchase an m-ticket for your journey or scan it once you get on the bus, the Arriva UK Bu… WEBSITE AWFULBefore Arriva's website for Timetables was great. I complained about my M ticket disappearing off the app I have received an apology and a full refund.Well done customer service. You never get given the reference code. Why have times that you don't aim to follow ?! All rights reserved. With support for bus, train, tram, underground, ferry and more, UK Bus Checker is the hit app that has you covered. I app’en vil du blive bedt om at fortælle, hvilken bus du kører med, og hvornår du har haft oplevelsen. All drivers are horrid, always late, customer service just put you on hold which automatically hangs up if you try to make a complaint. The transmitted data will be used only by Arriva Italia s.r.l. Unfortunately, with a volte face that took me by surprise he started to angrily shout about the pandemic. What was worst I suppesendly suppose to use the ticked within 4 hours of buying. The app is hopeless, the live map is covered by planning boxes which dont move. Upon collection of our luggage, we have to constantly looking at the conveyer belt for our luggage and I admit, it is really tiring. Awful, awful company. I like Arriva bus services in West Yorkshire, ... the Arriva site has lot and lots of problems. Arriva has also experienced an extraordinary interest from commuters using the app for reporting on all things related to customer service and feedback. I think it's time to start saving for a car. I had to re-register and my ticket isn't there anymore but Arriva should be able to add it back when I phone them tomorrow. Arriva help - frequently asked questions about Arriva. 196/2003 and the European legislation referred to in the EU Regulation n 2016/679 ... Stay on the sidewalk until the bus is … Forces us to use it. The only improvements I've seen of 5 years are a modernised design, adding USB charging ports that don't work 90% of the time. © 2021 Trustpilot A/S. I recieved the text and the URL to the application. Its abysmal. The old app was 100% better than the new one. ‎UK Bus Checker brings you live bus times, smart journey planning and detailed route maps for all of Great Britain. Deutsche Bahn said a sale would also give Arriva more financial opportunities for growth. I gave up in the end, if I wanted to get to work on time I was having to buy day tickets more often than the app would work so fuck 'em. That got me thinking. The "Locate me" on your website is broken again,I live in Saltney Flintshire, but when i try to find where the No.3 or No.4 bus is, it shows the No.10 on the other side of Chester!Please fix your GPS tracking for your website. unreliable, late and inconsistant. Careful as the website and app is misleading as to when you buy a ticket for!! Awful service, would prefer to walk if it wasn't my only option to work. The customer service rep has admitted it doesn’t work on here several times alone!Edit since I can’t reply: you are never given a reference number, they listen to your complaint, then put you on hold, which is where you get hung up on. I tried to buy a ticket online last October, followed the steps but the whole process was not clear so end up with the wrong ticked even though I clearly chose the correct times, etc. Absolutely pointless app, going back to paper timetables and a bus pass in my wallet (back to the Eighties, basically) The id1ots in charge of screwing the old app up should be sacked. APPERò! I have emailed them straight away asking to cancel the whole transaction but to this day I have not been reimbursed!! Many of us have this same problem when we travel to another country by air. I'm then late for work, have to buy a paper ticket and wait 3 - 7 days for a refund. Just to say thank you for employing the biggest imbecile known to mankind, walking to the bus stop, literally within 3 feet from it and bus came round the corner, stuck my hand out but bus won’t stop as I’m not at the bus stop, would have run for it but it’s not that I won’t but I cannot due to a damaged ankle, so thank you 10A bus driver and Arriva for you total lack of customer care I can't decide if it's incompetence or if they just don't care. Why does the new Arriva app not include the life map facility to see exactly where your bus is? I am uninstalling the app as it is a waste of space that Arriva created by replacing their original app which worked with this mess that doesn't. The good news is that journey planning and live bus info is still available on our new app – where you can purchase tickets and plan your journeys all … About two weeks ago they updated the app which, for me, caused it to close as soon as the splash screen came up. Search Arriva bus app and scroll to the bottom. With support for bus, train, tram, underground, ferry and more, UK Bus Checker is the hit app that has … Posts: 1,270. Get from A to B with ease, no matter where in Great Britain you are. It’s false advertisement straight up. Invalid Email. Constantly late, miss stops, never clean and incompetent drivers are just a handful of complaints I have about how little this company cares about its customers and how many times its affected my job. Without a built-in cell phone antenna and a realistic 6 hour battery life (not 9 hrs as advertised), it is imperative to use offline maps and roads view (not aerial/satellite view due to battery drain) when using the Maps app while working in the field on a SP4 … Reading the reviews I see you are still issuing the same platitudes 9 days later! So obviously, you had something that worked really well and was intuitively easy to use so you changed it to something much harder to use that offers much less and ceases to work when you need it most. Right to your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. I app’en vil du blive bedt om at fortælle, hvilken bus du kører med, og hvornår du har haft oplevelsen. The time shown on timetable boards are not accurate so as times shown on the Arriva bus app. About two weeks ago they updated the app which, for me, caused it to close as soon as the splash screen came up. ... Arriva Bus UK. We have added these tickets to the new Arriva UK Bus app for you. pursuant to Article 13 of Legislative Decree No. Travel Company.

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