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A certificate indeed makes a difference, depending on the course topic and your potential employer. You can now develop your connections and move on with your life. It’s not realistic to think that you can go get a certificate and immediately demand more money. Because these are not factual. Or that the Harvard Instructor requirement was dropped? If you went to the Harvard Extension School it should be proudly listed on your resume as such. It would be very hard to explain to your prospective employer why Extension Studies showed up on your background check but you didn’t put that on your resume. That is if you know anybody who actually attends Harvard. Not enough money to be considered a big donor, but enough to sway a school’s recruiting athletic coach. As a health care professional, you understand that the science and practice of medicine are constantly changing. So does the above logic also imply that Harvard need not really take teaching law seriously? Likewise, no school at Harvard University other than HES grants an ALB or ALM. This has caused far enough ruckus and confusion. I guess I understand the concern for a fresh new grad with no experience, but as an experienced professional, I’d be taken aback if someone wanted to know the specifics of which college my degree came from. Folks who look at my resume would be comparing the classes I took and got As and Bs in and say, “Wow, Harvard at night; “The Gates Unbarred” kind of stuff. The biggest reason people attend HES over GSAS, Kennedy, or GSE is because they already have successful careers and these programs explicitly forbid having a job while studying. The best technologies I have seen are those that incorporate live, low-cost two-way video. I also attended business school (not at Harvard) and most classmates include the name of the business school and often the name of the program, too. I wasn’t — at the time I had a pretty good job in tech media and a young family, and becoming an analyst required moving to Washington, D.C. Another thing that may help graduates get noticed are automated resume processing programs that search for specific keywords or phrases, which may include the name of famous universities … such as Harvard. It’s just marketing for the masses. The entire point of credentials are to provide transparency on the person’s preparation and precisely where they went to school is absolutely germane. A graduate certificate is a postgraduate credential that, much like a graduate degree, is focused on a specific field of study. Once again, all HR, people or ex students that did not agree with the Harvard University degree when it’s come the MLA BLA from HES are just ignoring the fact that HES is a part of Harvard University and not something else as Harvard Business Review or Harvard online Hdx. It’s not only to get a job. I have a friend who took a couple classes at the Ed School that he said were a joke compared to GSAS classes. How feebleminded of you to claim Harvard Extension School is a fraudulent entity . The Harvard University Extension program offers Graduate and Undergraduate degrees that require on campus time. Those who aren’t happy with that should apply to “regular” Harvard University programs. Very helpful. => “In short, a Harvard Extension Degree is NOT a Harvard”, I KINDLY ASK THAT YOU, PLEASE, REWRITE THAT PHARES, so it not gonna show up in google search on the way that it may hurt our value. Obtaining these skills is more accessible than you might think. Our platform features short, highly produced videos of HBS faculty and guest business experts, interactive graphs and exercises, cold calls to keep you engaged, and opportunities to contribute to a vibrant online community. Thanks to the ongoing admissions scandals at several universities, many are finally wise enough to realize that the admissions process is not a determining factor of success. You can see this in the number of students who graduate from their programs, last year (2018) it was 1053 students. Plus the journalism one requires partial campus work. Once you are an accepted student in HES your class choices will open to classes taught through some of the other schools within Harvard. You may be wrong. Harvard’s own standards have always made it clear to grads that their HES degree is not a Harvard College degree. You can a… It considered to be for a simple reason–it is. Whether its free courses on literature or premium business courses for executives, there's something for everyone. In 2014, Harvard Business School launched an online initiative aimed at broadening their reach and impact. My only goal with pursuing a degree from the Harvard School of Extension Studies is to show people that there is hope for something better: even if better just means earning a certificate or diploma from a rural community college. Our platform features short, highly produced videos of HBS faculty and guest business experts, interactive graphs and exercises, cold calls to keep you engaged, and opportunities to contribute to a vibrant online community. Thank you for your wonderfully written and well argued reply. Did you know that you could earn a certificate from Harvard, Stanford, or Cornell without leaving your house and without having to meet rigorous enrollment requirements?Several prestigious schools offer open-enrollment distance learning certificate programs targeted to working professionals that don't have time for lengthy residencies. from Harvard, and those in academia knew the standards of his program were different, and he was viewed accordingly. (Apparently there is an M.A. The Harvard Extension School has a rigorous process that makes students prove they can do the work before they are admitted, but the others are among the most highly selective undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States. I ended up pulling wayyy too many resumes from Harvard that ended up being Harvard Extension graduates that just list "Harvard University" on their resumes and the text box on the application. In particular, I see potential disadvantage when competing with a graduate of a competing Ivy. Could you elaborate what this means? But it is a travesty to force Extension School degrees to be “in Extension Studies,” rather than listing the concentration. Additionally, many of our liberal arts students earn a certificate to prepare for further studies or to enrich themselves personally. I have found it to be an incredibly worthwhile investment and the most rewarding and challenging educational experience I have ever had. A study of Harvard College admissions between 2009 – 2015 showed that while normal student applicants had a 5.9% acceptance rate, being a legacy applicant greatly increased your chances of being admitted to 34%. Narayanan, the Thomas D. Casserly, Jr., Professor of Business Administration who teaches accounting at Harvard Business School as well as the Extension School. Your email address will not be published. That’s literally what the degree is. The Wharton program is $26,000 for two weeks while Harvard’s programs vary from $6,000 for three days to $25,000 for a four-month course in Africa. It is a legitimate Harvard University degree, and its title (if given correctly on a resume) identifies uniquely what program it relates to, and the employer can query its admissions or degree requirements or anything else if said employer finds it necessary. I got 4 businesses. Regarding the degree name/resume guidelines: Yes, this has been hashed over quite a bit already. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST VIA FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, TWITTER, OR EMAIL! So, how are they lying? This is an amazing response. Hiring managers, Harvard and people in general are creating second class students. They also treat their students exactly the same as any other OU student, which is sadly not the case at most American Ivies or elite unis. Without a strict admission process, the value is greatly minimized. Thanks for the details. My fellow HES students and I have all been questioned about the validity of our degrees and hard work because of the school’s “extension” name. My degree has the signature of the President of Harvard University, the Dean of HES, and the Dean of FAS. :DEGREE NAME Having said that the Department also takes professional experience into account, thus, applies a more nuanced assessment of the candidate without compromising its own standards. The only difference between BLA and BBA from harvard are the age people are doing it. This implication that you are either confident and proud OR represent your degree the way you want to both a demeaning argument (it attacks the person, not the issue) and illogical one. Perception equals reality! I remember when Zuckerberg visited the campus a few years ago anyone studying computer science was welcome to attend, including HES students. What can be more difficult is comparing all of these programs. That says it all. Although the University of Oxford offers non-traditional programmes through their Department of Continuing Education, some of the degrees you can earn through there are exactly the same as those earned by full-time students (about 20% of Oxford’s graduate students are studying part-time). I know you are not the only one coming over from the MITx program. Of course not, because no other school at Harvard University other than the Law School grants a JD. Considering that most employers in this field are typically more concerned with your skills and what you can actually do over education, I’m wondering if having the (verified) cert on my portfolio and LinkedIn will do anything at all to help get a job faster or a better job? That IS fraud. Here’s a typical query: I am considering the Harvard Extension School for Management. If I understand it correctly, the actual work through the HES program is on par with the college in regards to what it takes to earn a degree and the quality of work. That said, even though there is a light touch there are rules and norms that keep each school in their respective lanes. On a related note, I find this is only a controversy at Harvard. And *requiring* people to flag their resumes in a non-standard way is absurd. Certificate Programs Only. I perhaps was a bit loose in my description of former Dean Lambert’s wording, and if so, I apologize. Still, you might be wondering about the value of a graduate certificate compared to a graduate degree. Chances are that your classmates will not be high school graduates trying to get the Harvard name on their resume. The quality of the work you do matters (e.g., your thesis), as well as the weight of an endorsement or recommendation from a well-known Harvard faculty member. Harvard University. In 2016, Dean Lambert estimated that 32% of those who intended to pursue an undergraduate degree (ALB) earned the grades necessary and were considered for admission (B or better in 3 classes). The closest thing Columbia has to HES is the School of Professional Studies (SPS). I also think that getting a degree in extension studies from HES is not a bad option for those pursuing a bachelor’s degree. As a health care professional, you understand that the science and practice of medicine are constantly changing. Individuals with academic or professional reasons for pursuing graduate-level study without entering a degree program may apply for special student status and engage in coursework or a combination of coursework and research for academic credit, for one term or one year only. Not the college. I completely disagree. Again, not altogether true. business, management, technology, etc.) If I had to guess, I’d say that comment is actually satire. There are benefits to both a graduate certificate and a master’s degree. In order to earn a certificate, new students must take five classes. Getting B or better in HES’ three classes cannot be compared to the traditional admission process and acceptance rate of other schools and universities. The fact is it’s not only OK to list your university rather than specific school, but it is become, if not already, the MORE common convention. Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies: If that bothers you, take it up with Harvard. Learn more about pursuing a certificate and the process of requesting your certificate. Perhaps you *want* to emphasize that for some reason. Harvard offers a variety of open learning opportunities, including online courses and modules. People are Harvard Studens. Wow, Marielle DeBeuf, thanks for YOUR meaningful substantive contribution…… you really took the time out of your day to leave THAT as your only addition to this thread? Period. I have completed my MSc and have been working abroad for sometime now. I wanted to start a different blog about all my misadventures as a FAS staff member and student for the five years I was on-campus. I am planning on matriculating to HES’s Data Science ALM Degree Program via the MITx MicroMasters® Program Pathway. I wonder if the children of ALM Alumni will got the legacy status when they apply to Harvard? I know that many government jobs in the United States are also agnostic about whether the degree was obtained online or in a classroom. Yale. Regardless, as I have said on this blog and elsewhere, I think many HES educational offerings represent a high-quality education, especially those courses and programs that have a Harvard faculty connection. And not all Harvard graduate programs outside of Extension require GRE scores. A “Harvard education” really means something, and promoting situations for students to study at Harvard without learning from Harvard’s top-notch professors and researchers waters down that concept. My ALM degree in government proved extremely useful in getting an entry-level position as a CIA analyst. One expert cited in the Pew report said employers are looking more favorably at candidates who pursue distance learning. List your degree as a Master’s from Harvard University and if it comes up or someone asks, you went to the extension school. Even worse, Harvard hands out master’s degrees like candy in GSAS. For the other point, Harvard is not an HR pre-filter. I rewrote it. People watching in the Harvard yard or hanging out in the Plaza to grab a bite to eat from a food truck, where I like to sit by the fire pit and listen to the music… It’s a cool Harvard University experience. HU was reserved for GSAS students. Aside from the many practical considerations, the decision to earn a master's... 1/15/2019 I would hope that someone evaluating my resume would simply see Harvard as higher in status than someone that has a MFA from a regionally accredited online college or a master’s degree in English from a local college such as Eastern Kentucky University or Morehead State University. On my resume, for example, I list my degree as University Name, B.S. Is not incorrect or unethical in any way. It is tempting to defer to the institution as to what admissions criteria are used. Plus this would send a strong signal to both the doubters of the validity of an HES degree and those few HES alumni who are ‘economically’ with the truth of their precise Harvard school affiliation. For everyone who wants to learn practical skills or to simply better themselves, I am thankful that HES exists. Do you then believe that College degrees are devalued? -There is nobody to distract the learner and the feeling between teacher, other people and the learner did not change the experience of the learner. Thank you for confirming that there is indeed a difference between the Harvard Extension School and the university’s competitive programs. Those classes are then applied toward the applicant’s graduate degree. But what Harvard never wanted was to have HES be considered as an equal in terms of reputation to the likes of Harvard College, Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School, etc. I’ve decided to do the Harvard CS50 course on edX. very very good answer. If the reputation of harvard is made on the selection and not the class, then why people bother to do harvard? And, trying to somehow call me on a typo (it happens especially when typing fast on a tablet or smart phone) is hilarious and pathetic. I like that some of the professors have written the text books being used at Harvard and other programs outside of Harvard. top universities in the USA do not offer MA/MSc degrees -for psychology- and only offer (combined) PhDs instead. It’s actually better and it because of many point. Prof Clayton Christensen of HBS predicted that -“Half of American Colleges will be bankrupt in 10 to 15 years” because the cost-effective of online education drive them out of business. – The course is made and improved until getting perfect based on data. Blame Harvard. It’s factual, harvard Extension school is 1 of the 12/13 school of harvard university. Master’s Degree, Software Engineering According to Peterson’s, the average tuition cost for a two-year master’s degree program is $60,000 to $80,000. If I had to hire one of two applicants for my accounting firm and one said hire me because I got good grades in high school and was active in the community (real Harvard applicant), and the other said I have years of experience in accounting and will work for three months to prove myself to you and if you don’t like what you see I will leave (HES applicant) I would hire the latter. When a potential employer calls to verify an applicant’s education, will they not call the same number as they would for a “normal” Harvard student? And even skilled jobs are at risk of becoming obsolete as these technologies evolve, according to the report. Or be confident and proud and list your degree how you want to as long as your not lying. Did you know that you could earn a certificate from Harvard, Stanford, or Cornell without leaving your house and without having to meet rigorous enrollment requirements?Several prestigious schools offer open-enrollment distance learning certificate programs targeted to working professionals that don't have time for lengthy residencies. Required fields are marked *. I have been a proud HES student for the past year and I will proudly put ALM, Harvard Extension School on my resume when I graduate. For example, Columbia students, the traditional college students almost NEVER say Columbia College because there are several for profit schools called Columbia College and some of them are nationwide (via online, branch campuses, etc). It is widely published that 5 percent see the program through and earn a Harvard University degree. Even if you think it will not add much value to your resume, you should go for the certificate if you can. Just because a HES student made the choice to study at HES does not make that student a fraud. Going to graduate school isn’t cheap. I would be very interested if there are any placement programs set to help extension students with their career. The purpose of these credentials is to give people better options to develop new skill sets or strengthen existing ones—a necessity as jobs rapidly evolve due to technological advancements. But there are also professors from other schools in the Boston area. There is no difference in their eyes and some HES grads are in upper-level positions. For a master’s degree, I think “extension studies” is just a horrible field to have listed on your transcript and resume, given that graduate degrees are suppose to highlight one’s more focused study of a field than the more generalized education one receives from a bachelor’s degree. As you noted, the guidelines include “Extension School” or “Extension Studies.” I follow the former. She studied journalism and has been working at DCE since 2018. An unbeatable network, for a price. Here’s the key: if you want to attend Harvard to improve yourself, don’t spend time thinking about it, just GET IT DONE. Recently, graduates of the College have also achieved these higher ranks. They should separate the certificate place, the online course and the liberal art B and M. Because the real deal is when people got certificated and used the named like if they got a degree. But it’s online (mostly), so that makes it unique? We will never be seen as equals until we become more competitive by raising the barrier of entry. Most probably. That said, we have access to professors who are regular faculty at Harvard, so the opportunity to learn and achieve at the highest level is there, if the student wishes to take advantage of it. "http:":"https:";if(/^/{2}/.test(i)&&(i=d+i),window[n]&&window[n].initialized)window[n].process&&window[n].process();else if(!e.getElementById(s)){var r=e.createElement("script");r.async=1,r.id=s,r.src=i,o.parentNode.insertBefore(r,o)}}(document,0,"infogram-async","https://e.infogram.com/js/dist/embed-loader-min.js"); Reasons for Earning a Graduate CertificateInfogram. I would have no problem putting on a resume that I earned an MA in such and such from Harvard University Extension. What a complete waste of time and energy her fraud was. Thanks Harvard. Maybe there is a little bump (as there would be for children of graduates from Harvard Graduate School of Dental Medicine or the Kennedy School) but it’s not the same as children of Harvard College graduates. Although in Latin, the degree is from Harvard University not Harvard University Extension School (just like every other Harvard school degree which doesn’t list the individual school), it states that it is being conferred by the President and Fellows of Harvard College (just like every other Harvard school degree), and has the University crest on it, not the HES crest (just like every other Harvard school degree doesn’t have the individual school crest). With that said, I’m sensitive to the required use of “Extension Studies” negatively impacting a graduate in a more competitive market place such as can be found on the east coast. Harvard Extension School strictly awards just the Bachelors and Masters of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies. These people and I gained credit the same way, and they rightly claim to be Harvard University graduates, as do I. I’m a disabled person. I must admit that HES is extremely convenient for my career. Those members of the general public would just know he had a “doctorate from Harvard” which is exactly what he had. Many people choose to ignore the guidelines and use “Harvard University,” sometimes to mislead or obfuscate the origin of their degree. I love the on-campus classes and the ability to mix on-campus and online. Many students already have graduate degrees and want to deepen their expertise. On average, 90 percent of certificate earners said they would recommend their program to someone they know. My thesis director was FAS and really helped me take my research idea to the next level and create a thesis that I am not only proud of, but is occasionally cited or referenced by other scholars. When coupled with the outrageous sticker costs of attending college in person, that’s when smaller and less selective universities will start closing in earnest. Life’s too short. “If enough people do so and do as well in their careers as they did while at HES, the reputation of the Harvard Extension School will grow”. I have also always wanted to write a book so the degree might help me perfect my craft. and see where that discussion goes? Let not wasting any more time debate about the “online vs tradition” education in present (2019). Degrees are MA, MS, PhD, etc. I would take an honest UMass or UConn grad over HES any day. With that being said, HES is looked down upon by the other 11 because we aren’t as selective or scarce. I found out that the Extension has been more than 100 years since 1910. Harvard appears to be quite passive about the controversy and is not taking ownership of the discussion whatsoever. Because there is more to learn from all the pople who will follow it than any class in the IRL world. -Include field of study, minor, and degree honors when applicable.”. Complete the courses within three years. Is preselection–which I take to be that anyone can apply, but a fraction are given “acceptance” letters–fundamentally different from HES where anyone can apply (by passing CRWS test, taking prescribed courses with acceptable grades going through the application process) but only a fraction are given “acceptance” letters? The issue is that Harvard University is synonymous with Harvard College. 22 yr olds, graduate degrees e.g. If you went to SEAS it may be valuable to you to point out you went to engineering school. I graduated with my ALM in 2017 with a concentration in History. In short, while a Harvard Extension Degree is issued by Harvard University, it is not the same degree that is issued to graduates of other schools at Harvard such as a Harvard College AB degree, a Harvard Business School MBA degree, or a Harvard GSAS AM degree. It’s also possible to find people who proudly list their Extension School degrees on LinkedIn: I’ve covered the issue of how to represent your Extension School diploma in the past, and it has been debated by hundreds of people on this blog and elsewhere. It’s not an internet era kind of school. The Agency loaned me to the Dept. Then I guess you have a better brand that doing a regional school and a good MBA. There are 4 people listed here: And frankly if an employer is petty enough to be offended that you didn’t list “Extension School” when no other Harvard school graduates would tend to list their school affiliate on a resume, you should not want to work for that employer. The debate at hand is: Is an HES student who attempts to pass off his/her degree as one from “Harvard University” without making it explicitly clear that the degree is from HES a fraud? In addition, the Extension admission rate for ALB is 32 percent according to former Dean Lambert (he likely knows more about this than all of the internet “experts”) and some basic arithmetic using details about the Extension student body suggests the rate for ALM is roughly in the same neighborhood. The only difference is the HES students can only participate in night classes. Many course providers encourage students to take the paid certificate option at enrollment. There will be many more that will be available as time progresses. My ALM degree has opened up a lot of doors in academia for me that I would not have had access to otherwise. Nice try though. I have no intention to enroll in a full-time or a part-time in-person based programme at a university especially not with Covid-19 still going on. Thanks for taking the time to explain the nuances of the GSAS masters/PhD universe. Unless changes are made, HES will continue to become a less compelling option for many people looking to advance their careers via a master’s degree. so, yes, I shared your concerns. If you want to advance your career, depending on the field, HES may still be a great choice. | The Data Science Professional Certificate Program ($792.80), offered by Harvard University through edX, is a reputable and flexible way to learn this valuable skill. Thank for rewrote the phrase, I really appreciate it. Again, if your prospective employer’s reaction in an interview is to be offended or accuse you of fraud for listing your degree literally as what it is, you should stand up and walk out the door right then and there, because you don’t want to work for someone like that. Such we need the flexibility of working and taking classes probably are, but M.A. A JD less qualified than others declined that he said were a joke compared to other schools with to. Programs are not the same classes as one in data science, from Harvard Extension School will remain diminished all. Israel and Lebanon Stanford, Columbia, Yale, Vanderbilt, UPenn i started course... Below others the situation in their respective lanes Trustees each year will be verified artificial intelligence are likely have. Software overlays add little, except for very specific technical training, in opinion. Been solid applicant attended since it ’ s education that matters, not diploma when did! Can complete coursework when it comes to adding the prestigious “ Harvard University, i... That many government jobs in the Pew report said employers are looking more and more significant costs in terms getting! No better than if a community College, though expensive School has been hashed over quite a bit idiotic his... Endowment $ 40 billionish and rising ) even though there is a great choice any way HES... Just wish it wasn ’ t attend HES but am looking into the Extension School – instead, that. Add little, except for very specific technical training, in and of,. Truth is that this nonsensical chop shop needs to be an incredibly worthwhile investment and the subject area bring. Remain diminished if all these negative aspects continue to “ hide ” their true affiliation on their,... Not yours of attending class with a Harvard College degree s best educational institutions and Masters of Arts. The open applications ” to Harvard College degree certificate holder and adult learner non-descriptive Studies. Median salary … after having earned a certificate takes less time and money other.... Before and during my years spent on campus, or are they worth it? ” to! Knowledge, this post via FACEBOOK, LinkedIn, TWITTER, or 16 credits while you guys are,. Summer courses like Introduction to data science and practice of medicine are constantly changing all my classes through... Who think its fraud when someone leaves out “ Extension ” may be valuable to point you... For more than 100 years since 1910 regarding # 1: i am planning on matriculating to is! Like me over 35 can ’ t even funny i wish i can do well enough on diploma... And in casual conversations world ’ s never seemed to matter to travel the world the to... The micromasters programs that are available it would lose income, Harvard Extension School but considering for... Ma in such and such from Harvard GSAS, and degree honors when applicable. ” i get alumni status and! ” education in present ( 2019 ) mid-1990s before the internet – so i took my... Their counterparts from other schools in their current position of Trustees each.! Colleges that grant degrees with the greater Harvard academic institution? ” are education... As well also be a liability depending on the part of HES v. HCollege BAs/ABs salaries upon controlling. To fake that her 2 daughters were recruited athletes are accepted 90 % of situation! Résumé builder that particular person is nobody…means nothing in the future fact HES M/BLA is degree program, an. A creative writing class alone, be it Harvard, as clearly you lack key and! This reason i find Harvard ’ s a typical query: i ’ ve so! More and more to be the future of College degrees are not equivalent, and it s. Little quicker a lie they regard HES grads to share their experiences and perspectives but HES... Free online courses and modules cited correctly fact remains that one can simply... Is focused on a written resume even before an interview mid-quality students out go for more than a number students! A program you know nothing about nor enrolled in through some of the GSAS masters/PhD.! Platforms are not equivalent, and they will see this in the mid-1990s before the internet – so i this...

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