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Given below are important MCQs on Ecology to analyse your understanding of the topic. If you were to measure the degree of difference between all of the squirrels that share a species in a town, what would you be measuring? To protect biodiversity, scientists must be able to measure it. Also explore over 22 similar quizzes in this category. The relative abundance of species in an assemblage is the only factor that determines its importance in a diversity measure. The study of ecology is closely related to the field of genetics, physiology, evolution, and behaviour. Some scientists estimate that current global extinction rate is about 30,000 species per year. Species evenness is a measure of the relative abundance of the different species that consist an area. Becoming educated about long-term benefits. Biodiversity is greater. Biodiversity and Conservation Class 12 Biology MCQs Pdf. The word evokes the splendor of a great forest, or the teeming richness of the ocean, and is simply defined as the variety of organisms in an ecosystem of interest. Biodiversity refers to the variety of microbes, plants and animals of an area. An area is called species-rich if there are more species found in it. What method preserving biodiversity does this best illustrate? (a) Eucalyptus and Zamia pygmea(b) Wolffia globosa and Eucalyptus(c) Sequoia sempervirens and Zamia pygmea(d) Sequoia sempervirens and Wolffia The simplest measure of biodiversity is the number of _____ that live in a certain area. 1. GK Questions with answers on Environment & Ecology: Biodiversity Set II consists of 10 MCQs which are made while keeping in mind the relevance of … The answers are also given for your reference. Biodiversity and its conservation Questions: MCQs Test - 01, Total Questions 15 a. There is lot of variations amongst organisms. Thus it can be defined as the variety and variability of life. Biodiversity on land tends to _____ as you move toward the _____ increase equator. Download NEET Biology Biodiversity and Its Conservation MCQs Set A in pdf, Biodiversity and Its Conservation chapter wise Multiple Choice Questions free, 1. Just remember, it doesn’t measure the number of individuals in the study area. All species are equal: this means that richness measurement makes no distinctions amongst species and treat the species that are exceptionally abundant in the same way as those that are extremely rare species. Which is the right option for the tallest and the smallest Gymnosperm plant ? species. If there are currently 10,000,000 species on Earth, how long will it take to destroy all of the Earth's biodiversity? ... Costa Rica set aside over ¼ of its land area for national parks and biological preserves. Biodiversity. 1. This means figuring out how … It refers to any form of biodiversity. Assumptions underlying biodiversity measurement. Try this amazing Unit 2: Sustainability And Biodiversity: Multiple Choice quiz which has been attempted 4252 times by avid quiz takers. It is the degree of variety in nature. Ecology MCQs. on large islands then on small islands because large islands have more space. The variety of life forms does not only depend on species richness, but also on evenness. Students can solve NCERT Class 12 Biology Biodiversity and Conservation MCQs Pdf with Answers to know their preparation level. It is the totality of genes, species and ecosystem.

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