wanderer ragnarok build

Used to be the best armor, if you combine with, Good starter armour. Update Notes: In the future, the Severe Rainstrom will boost to 15% per 2 refine. Can be boosted by Hawkeye. boost the magical damage of Reverberation and Metallic Sound. Another non-slotted armour. Spell 3 , 4 , 5 or 6 Whether you have the slot or non slotted version, this is the recommended enchant, Part of Illusion Equipment set. Reduce physical and magical defense by 50%. Good for your SP pool, and it does not affect any skill. Fortune's Kiss: Good Skill to help increase the Critical Rate for auto-attack builds dependant on crits. NOTE: While this skill is quite strong, it's heavy on SP and arrows cost. The non-slotted version is much cheaper than the slotted version. +1 AGI Increase attack speed (reduce delay after attack by 10%). A high refine is desirable. When equipped with Clergy's Boots  and Clergy's Manteau  . Every 10 base DEX: Bow Damage +1%. A great shield in case you want to increase the damage of Arrow Vulcan. Can be enchanted 2-3 times. Ragnarok Online Wanderer skill effect and description. You can add a bit more if you Severe rainstorm is not yet instacast. Trade 800  War badges in Battleground room. Your build shouldn’t be that much different form your pre-Wusao one and should look something like THIS by level 33. Increases Arrow Vulcan and Slinging Arrow damage by 10%. The set will make your life much easier. Service for You: Most wanted skill for support as it helps a lot of classes that This is a specialise whip for demihuman monster. MDEF +5 Reduces damage taken from Water, Fire, Undead and Shadow elemental attack by 20%. When refined to +11, reduce cooldown of Severe Rainstorm by 2 seconds. Preferebale enchant is triple  ATK Reactor. - I got no comment for Minstrel on this matter :P, Alternate version of Resurrection that bypass Evil Druid card, and Hells Judgement. Hawk Eyes really procs often with Severe. Guia de Build – Diversas classes em formato imagem; Guia de Build – Doram Dano Físico à Distância; Eventos de Janeiro – Ano Novo! Increases the Max HP of your character by 1 point = 1% Max HP. Its usually recommended to have 100 VIT for Stun immunity. Arrow Shower: A skill that works on pushing mobs to keep them away from you You can try to slot it by using. This is the primary build for leveling and / or AoE damage output with Arrow Storm.This build is optimized for both soloing and partying due to its high AoE damage, survivability, lower cast time, and better SP pool and regeneration. MATK +1% or +2%. ATK +10, MATK +10. Decrease after skill delay by 5% when equipped with Geffen Magic Robe. Increases critical attack damage by 10%. Reduces after attack delay by 1%. Recommended garment card. Hawkeye its the best as it can increase damage at least for 10k or higher. Perfect Dodge +2. 4 L. 7 The Lone Wanderer has Strength 3, Perception 4, Endurance 3, Charisma 3, Intelligence 5, Agility 4 and Luck 7. Bypass 4% of Def of Demi-Human, Demon and Undead race targets when performing a physical attack per upgrade level of the item. Weapon ATK Power +10%, reduces delay after skill by 20%, reduces fixed casting time by 20%. Originally wanderers’ past dancers/gypsy was all about one major skill. Must have if you have an issue with your cast. Good for PVM situation especially since there are many Demon and Shadow Monster in this game. In many cases, especially for Maestros, they are an indispensable part of an optimal party. Decent bow, and kinda easy to obtain. Slinging 9 arrows to a single target by using Whip. The damage is based on several factors including AGi, DEX, ATK, the bow, the whip and arrow used, and the element enchanted to the weapon. You can enchant it in. They wield Whip type weaponsto perform songs and dances that either buff your allies or debuff enemies. ***Additional Weapon Refining Level Option***, +6 Upgrade: Ignore Demihuman's physical defense +5%, Slaughter Lv 1 (Damage bonus of Slaughter increases up to the upgrade level 14.).

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